Mission Guidelines

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Mission Guidelines

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:05 pm

Missions are going to be your main source of income and will use them to rank up.  Missions will be posted under the missions tab and separated into rankings.  Missions will pay based on their ranks.

D-Rank: 50 Yen
C-Rank: 100 Yen
B-Rank: 200 Yen
A-Rank: 500 Yen
S-Rank: 700 Yen
SS-Rank: 1000 Yen

When taking missions, you'll post that you are taking the mission under the mission's post itself.  If you are taking the mission with another person, you will post that you are taking the mission with 'said person' and only one of you must post it.  

Remember, you may only go on a mission one rank above your own after you hit C-Rank, and only if you have a member that rank take you on the mission.  (S-Ranks may go on SS-Ranks alone)

Once you have finished a mission, you must post the finished link under the mission you have finished.

The word count for all ranks are different as well and go as follows:

D-Rank: 750
C-Rank: 1500
B-Rank: 2500
A-Rank: 4000
S-Rank: 6000
SS-Rank: 8000

There is a word counter on the side of the site, please be sure to post your final word count at the end of your posts to make it easier for the mods!


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