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To Do List

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:53 pm

So you need to know what to do next?  Well we have compiled a to-do list for you!  Just follow the steps below and soon enough you shall be embarking on your wonderful journey.  

1: First off you need to read everything here in the welcome tab, it will explain certain things to you, introduce you to the academy, and let you know what we are about.
2: Next, you should head over to the Guidelines tab, it is going to hold all of your rules and regulations that need to be followed site wide.  Make sure you read this section well, because not abiding by the rules can get you in major trouble!
3: You should then move to the Introductions and Leave of Absence tab!  This is where you will introduce yourself to your fellow site members.  Let them know something about you and learn a little something about them!
4: Create your character!  There will be an extensive 'how to' section in Character that will explain exactly how to go about creating your character.
5: Create some special techniques based on the quirk you rolled.  There will be specific rules involved in creating these, so be sure to read this section of the rules well.
6: Visit the shop, buy some items for your character.  The amount of money you start off with will depend on the quirk type you have rolled.
7: Wait on it all to be approved.  Once you have finished your character and techniques, you can submit the link into the 'needs approval' tab for the mods to know that you are ready for your character and techniques to be modded.
8: Get into the action.  From here you can start picking up missions to rank up, or just start an rp topic with someone to get used to your surroundings and meet new friends!

Pretty simple eh?  If you need any more help do not hesitate to contact a mod!


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