Basic Rules and Regulations

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Basic Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:00 pm

Site Rules

1: No trolling- We are all here to have fun, not to deal with trolls.
2: No sexual content- We want this site to be fun for everyone, including younger members, so let's keep it pg-13!
3: Must be 16+- I have seen too many site with people who were not even teenagers...we aren't gonna allow that here.
4: No Discrimination- This includes but is not limited to racial, sexual, etc.
5: Keep the swearing to a minimum- We all curse sometimes, but let's not start dropping the 'f' bomb in every sentence.
6: Your site name must be your character's name, it makes it easier for everyone to find you.
7: Respect everyone, not just mods and admin.
8: No arguing with the mods/admin over a decision.  If you think something is not being done fairly, feel free to message a higher up, but do not argue over the subject.

Role Play Rules

1: Before beginning any IC RP, make sure anything you plan on using has been modded and approved, ie: character, techniques, shop purchases.
2: No one liners.  If you are in a thread with someone, be sure to give them something that they can work off of.  You do not have to write a book, but please make sure you can help keep the thread moving.  The word count requirements vary. Check the mission regulations for information on mission word counts. "Social" topics should have a word count of 200 per post.
3: Solo threads are sometimes part of plot and are therefore allowed, but you must not spam them.
4: No godmodding, meaning you cannot control the actions of another person and your character cannot be invincible.  You get worn out like everyone else.
5: No metagaming, meaning do not use OOC knowledge IC.  
6: You must abide by post order, aka person 1, person 2, and person 3 enter a topic, the order is 1, 2, 3.
7: Any item or technique you use in a topic must be put in a spoiler under your posts.
8: Any item you purchase or technique you know or have trained must be added into your character sheet before you can use it.  If it's not on your sheet, you don't know it and don't own it.
9: Your character CAN be killed, so we don't recommend you picking fights with those of higher rank or skill.

Chatbox Rules

1: No advertising, if you have a forum you would like to advertise, head over to the correct place to post it.
2: No spamming- Do not post the same message over and over again, or spam the chat with emojis, or spam messages back to back.
3: All links must be in spoiler, this includes pictures as well.
4: Be respectful- Everyone in the chat deserves respect and to be included in the conversation.  When mods step into the chat, don't bombard them with thousands of questions, give them some time to breath.
5: No arguing- If you have a problem with someone, bring it to staff attention privately and they will help you work on a solution.

All of these rules are subject to change without notice, so be sure to watch the announcements section for any changes.  If you are found to be breaking any of these rules punishment will be handled as such: 1st offence- Warning, 2nd offence- Three day suspension, 3rd offence- Ban  

Serious offences can be subjected to an immediate ban.  These are looked at on a case by case basis.


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