Quirk Rolling Guidelines

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Quirk Rolling Guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:10 pm

In the word of quirks and wonders, you do not get to choose your quirk.  The same goes for here on the site.  When you begin creating your character, you will need to roll twice to find your quirk, the first roll will be for the quirk type be it Emitter, Transformation, or Mutant.  The second roll will be for your actual quirk.

Note that is is possible for a user to be born without a quirk, though it is very rare.  If a user happens to be born without a quirk, the user is rewarded a free level 2 weapon from the shop and has a word count reduction when it comes to training special weapon skills.

To begin rolling for a quirk, you will go into the quirk tab and find the quirk type roll.  Once in this tab you will create a topic rolling the 'Quirk Type' dice.  You may only roll the dice once.  The outcome will be numbers 1, 2, or 3.

1: Emitter Quirk Type
2: Transformation Quirk Type
3: Mutant Quirk Type

Once you have rolled and figured out your type of quirk, you will then head into the category matching your quirk type to roll for your actual quirk.  The number you roll will determine what your quirk actually is.  The quirk roll numbers go as follows:

1: Absorption and Release: Allows the user to absorb and release attacks as a counterattack, but the absorption does not grant immunity to the attack itself.
2: Acid: Allows the user to emit acid through their skin, but the user can only maintain the emission for so long before they lose their resistance to the acid.
3: Air Cannon: The user can create shockwaves through their body, allowing it to come out in different shapes and ranges depending on the users skill.  If the user tries to create something larger than they can handle it can result in temporary/permanent damage to the limbs used.
4: Animal Voice: The user can speak to and tame animals to use in combat with them.  The size and power of the animal that can be tamed grows with how strong the user is.  Loud noises can restrict the user from being able to control the animal.
5: Blood Manipulation: The user can use their own blood and manipulate it for use in combat.  The user can only lose so much blood before being unable to continue in the fight.
6: Cemedine: The user can spray glue-like liquid from their hands which hardens quickly and can be used to trap an opponent for a limited amount of time based on skill level.  Acid can be used to dissolve the liquid before the freedom time has passed.
7: Cement: The user can manipulate cement-based material when they are in contact with the surface.  What can be created is based on the skill level of the user.
8: Chronostasis: The user can transform their hair into usable weapons, able to extend and retract their hair in limited amounts.  Their hair is not invincible in this time leaving it able to be cut.  They may only regrown using their quirk a certain amount of times in a period of time.
9: Clones: The user may generate a certain amount of clones based on their skill level.  The clones can be taken out in one strong blow.
10: Creation: The user can create many different objects from their exposed parts of their body. The different types of objects is dependant on the user’s skill level.  This quirk requires the user to eat a lot meaning one topic per 10 of the user’s topic must be one where they are eating.
11: Cremation: The user can create and control flames, their potency and size depending on their skill level.
12: Crystallization: The user can create crystals from their body to use as a defensive mechanism or as a weapon upon their hands.  

1: Transform: The user is able to transform into anyone’s appearance by consuming their blood.  This is only an outside appearance.  Time is dependant on the user’s skill level and the amount of blood ingested.
2: Dark Shadow: The user is able to host a shadow like monster from their body and contract it freely such as a third arm.  The shadow is capable of speech and can extend a certain length from the body based on skill level.  The shadow cannot fight in pure darkness.
3: Hardening: The user can harden any part of their body, blocking them from certain attacks as well as doubling as a melee weapon.
4: Muscle Augment: The user is able to augment the muscle fibers underneath their skin, giving them a major buff in strength and speed for a certain amount of time based on the user’s skill level.
5: Tool Arms: The user is able to create tools such as weapons out of their arms, holding them for a specific amount of time based on the user’s skill level.
6: Scales: The user can form scales on their body, using them as defense, or if upon the arms, forming claws on the fingers as well to be used as weapons.
7: Hypertrophy: The user can enlarge parts of their body, allowing the increased part to get a buff in strength.
8: Sandman: The user can transform parts of their body into sand that they can control like another limb.
9: Collapsible: The user can retract parts of their body into themselves, similar to a turtle, in order to hide or defend themselves.
10: Spikes: The user can produce spikes from their body, the amount and length dependant upon the user’s skill level.
11: Long Limbs: The user is able to extend their limbs at will, the length dependant upon their skill level.
12: No Quirk: The user was not born with a quirk.

1: Earphone Jack: The user has earphone shaped earlobes that can be inserted into objects, such as walls, to hear through.  The user may also use an amplifier to concentrate the sound into concentrated blasts.
2: Engine: The user has extreme muscles in their legs, allowing their speed to be increased drastically and also allows the strength in their legs to improve drastically.
3: Pop Off: The user produces sticky spheres from their body which can be removed and used to trap opponents as well as be used as a trampoline of sorts for the user.
4: Jet: The user has propulsion boosters under their feet that can be used to help them jump extremely fast to extreme heights.  The user can only use the air they breath to propel them.
5: Transparency: The user can turn invisible for an amount of time based on their skill level.  This does not include clothes the user is wearing.
6: Zoom: The user has eyesight that can zoom in far away, the distance depending on the user’s skill level, allowing them to clearly see distant people and objects.
7: Tail: The user has a tail which can be used like a third arm, wielding a weapon, holding himself up, or creating shockwaves through the ground once the user is powerful enough.
8: Tape: The user has the ability to shoot a tape like material out of their body, strong enough to immobilize opponents for a certain amount of time and able to hold their body weight.
9: Snake Hair: The user has snakes growing from their hair which have excellent senses which the user can use in order to locate hidden enemies.  If within range the snakes can bite and inject a toxic venom.
10: Spotted Seal: This quirk allows the user to be able to breath underwater, use underwater radar such as echolocation, and have an increased strength when in the water.
11: Sludge Form: The user can turn into a sludge like form allowing them to be immune to physical attacks for a short amount of time, also allowing them to trap any opponent within their sludge that comes within range.
12: Horns: The user has horns which have grown from their head which can be used in combat or cut off to be used as a weapon.  The horns will grow back after a certain amount of time.


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