Technique Creation Guidelines

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Technique Creation Guidelines

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:23 pm

When creating special techniques it is important to remember that these are your special moves.  At the bottom of the post will be a template to copy and use when submitting your techniques for modding.  When creating your techniques, you will copy the template and create a new post in the techniques tab, this is where you will post all of your techniques as you get stronger so try and keep it neat.  When submitting your techniques for modding, make sure to post the link to your post in the correct field under 'needs approval'.  The mods will get to it within 24 hours.  Once the modding is approved, you will move your approved techniques onto your Character Sheet.  You may only move techniques onto your sheet after they have been paid for and trained.

When you first begin your character, you still start off with 5 D-rank technique spots, and as you rank you, you will gain more slots each rank as follows:

D = 5 D rank
C = 5 D rank, 5 C rank
B = 5 D rank, 5 C rank, 5 B rank, 1 A rank
A = 5 D rank, 5 C rank, 5 B rank, 5 A rank, 1 S rank
S = 5 B rank, 5 C rank, 5 B rank, 5 A rank, 5 S rank, 1 SS rank
SS=5 B rank, 5 C rank, 5 B rank, 5 A rank, 5 S rank, 5 SS rank

You begin with your 5 D rank techniques free.  Once you hit C rank, in order to get your 5 C rank techniques, you must begin buying and training your techniques.  The word count and cost of each technique goes as follows:

C = 100 Yen/1000 wc
B = 250 Yen/2000 wc
A = 500 Yen/4000 wc
S = 1000 Yen/6000 wc
SS = 3000 Yen/8000 wc

*You may train in a group, but your word count remains the same.  If you are training with a mentor/teacher, your word count is reduced by 25%, but you must pay extra for the training your mentor is giving you, they decide their price.

Each technique gets more powerful as they go up in rank and also cost more stamina and have a greater cooldown.  The stamina cost and cooldown length by rank goes as follows:

D = 10 Stamina/1 post cd
C = 20 Stamina/2 post cd
B = 40 Stamina/3 post cd
A = 80 Stamina/4 post cd
S = 100 Stamina/5 post cd
SS = 150 Stamina/6 post cd

There are different kind of techniques that the user can create.  These techniques include quirk techniques and weapon techniques.  Each shares the same slot pool.  So if you want 2 D rank weapon techniques, you can only have 3 D rank quirk techniques.  There are different categories of techniques and each one grows stronger with rank.

Offensive and Weapon Techniques

D = 10 dmg/5 meter reach
C = 20 dmg/10 meter reach
B = 50 dmg/15 meter reach
A = 100 dmg/25 meter reach
S = 150 dmg/30 meter reach
SS = 200 dmg/35 meter reach

Defensive Techniques

D = Blocks 10 dmg
C = Blocks 20 dmg
B = Blocks 50 dmg
A = Blocks 100 dmg
S = Blocks 150 dmg
SS = Blocks 200 dmg

Self-Buff Techniques

D = +5 physical dmg
C = +10 physical dmg
B = +20 physical dmg
A = +50 physical dmg
S = +100 physical dmg
SS = +150 physical dmg

*This is added to the next physical or weapon technique the user uses.  The user may make this technique a sustaining technique with them losing the correct amount of stamina per post ie: D rank sustain would lose 10 stamina per post on top of the stamina they are losing for the other techniques.

Supplementary Techniques

D = 1 post duration/1 meter
C = 2 post duration/2 meters
B = 3 post duration/5 meters
A = 4 post duration/10 meters
S = 5 post duration/15 meters
SS = 6 post duration/20 meters

*This includes things such as invisibility, levitation, and trap techniques.


[b]Name:[/b] What is the name of your technique?
[b]Rank:[/b] What rank is your technique?
[b]Type:[/b] Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, or Weapon?
[b]Range:[/b] Put melee if you have to be within reach to use your technique.
[b]Duration:[/b] Is it an instant and over technique, or a sustainable one?
[b]Cooldown:[/b] How many posts cooldown is it until you can use your technique again?
[b]Description:[/b] Tell us what your technique does and how you trigger it.


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